Fedora 21 Release Party - Valencia, Venezuela

It seems that the guys at the Universidad Jose Antonio Paez, have begun to adopt Fedora as main system, as an effort of a young professor for encourage to the guys to use free software and become in contributors, she has asked our help as community for contribute in this ...

Software Freedom Day Barquisimeto 2014

I was invited to Software Freedom Day that was held in Barquisimeto, Lara Venezuela this last Friday 19th. I had a talk about Docker, "How to dockerize your distributed applications" and I've explained to attendees how to make Dockerfiles and expose their own applications trough of containers.

Also I ...

Fudcon Managua 2014

With less than a two months for starting the next Fudcon Latam, we have a set of possible speakers and activities for doing. People from Managua has made a great work doing all the preparatives and organizing the event, with Neville Cross at the front.

These are the links:

Moving to pelican

My previous blogging system was wordpress, unfortunately a disaster ensued, the hosting service had a security breach, and my blog was a victim of phishing. So to ensure my domain name was not suspended I decided, delete it

Some time ago had heard of Pelican, but never I had deployed ...

FLISOL Valencia 2014

I'm writing this report a bit late. :(, I was in brazil on FISL and the event left me no time of write my blog, also when I arrived to home I had a week a bit busy.

No excuses, I will tell them a little of what was in ...